Wisconsin bill allowing anonymity for lottery winners heading to committee

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MADISON, WI (WSAU) -- A bill that would allow lottery winners to remain anonymous in Wisconsin will go before a State Assembly committee next week.

The privacy act was introduced by Speaker Robin Vos the same day that a Milwaukee-area man claimed a $768 million Powerball prize this spring. Voss says requiring winners to be identified opens them up to possible fraud and takes away their right to privacy.

Manuel Franco, a 24-year-old New Berlin man, claimed the prize back in March and during his press conference said the winning ticket came with a feeling of paranoia about what would happen next once his name was revealed.

Vos cited that quote while looking for co-sponsors for the bill.

Those with the Wisconsin State Lottery maintains that winners should be identified as a means of transparency and maintaining public trust in the system.

The Assembly Committee on State Affairs will hold a hearing on the bill Wednesday, July 10th.

There is no national standard for identifying lottery winners. Each state sets their own laws.