Austria Sazka to buy more Casinos Austria shares from Grawe Group

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The Czech Sazka Group will increase its stake as majority shareholder in Casinos Austria by buying shares from Schelhammer & Schattera (Grawe Group).

This is Sazka’s second attempt to buy the shares which amount to just over four per cent of the Casinos Austria group.
If the deal is concluded the Sazka Group, headed by Czech billionaires Karel Komárek and Jiří Šmejc, will take its shareholding to 38.16 per cent from 34.04 per cent.
Casinos Austria’s co-owners, the state holding company ÖBIB and Novomatic, are expected to give their agreement to the deal. Novomatic owns 17.2 per cent of Casinos Austria.

Competition watch dogs are also expected to allow the deal but it would still need the approval of the Ministry of Finance.