Veikkaus Data Reveals 7% Of Players Generate 50% Of Revenue

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The share of recognizable gaming in all Veikkaus gaming has increased significantly this year. Currently, the reading is about 80 percent. The entry of slot machines into the scope of mandatory identification has had the greatest impact.

By the end of 2023, all Veikkaus gaming will be authenticated. It enables the construction of a safer and more responsible gambling framework for the company's customers.

- We have taken and will continue to take measures to prevent gambling problems in advance. Our goal is also to significantly reduce the share of problem gambling with our solutions, says Lauri Halkola, Director of Data and Analytics .

There has been a lot of publicity in the indicator describing the concentration of gambling: half of the money spent on gambling comes from 2.5% of players. THL's survey has been carried out as a questionnaire survey and also includes losses incurred by companies other than Veikkaus.

As for Veikkaus, the situation is different. Extensive data obtained through identification shows that at Veikkaus, seven per cent of the losing players bring in 50 per cent of the euros.

During the first half of 2021, approximately 1.7 million customers played Veikkaus games.

- This information gives us a positive message that the direction of our responsibility measures is the right one. The reading is based on data on identified gambling and covers the majority of euros played to Veikkaus - including slot machines. Outside the chapter is unrecognizable gaming on a stone's foot, such as Lotto, Keno and Eurojackpot, as well as scratch cards, Halkola explains.

Veikkaus' goal is that the company will not be the primary company in Finland to cause gambling problems in the future. This is the aim of several responsibility measures implemented and planned by the company, which are directly related to the prevention of gambling problems.!/article/tiedotteet/yritys/2021/09_syyskuu/14_veikkauksen_tuore_data_osoittaa_seitseman_prosenttia_pelaajista_tuo_50_prosenttia_euroista_