Belgium: Record year for the National Lottery

"We had a record year," says Jannie. Haek, CEO of the National Lottery presenting the results of the public company in 2018. "Despite the liberalization of the sector in 2011, we are experiencing sustainable growth that demonstrates the confidence that consumers have in the Lottery." Jannie Haek says he is "proud" of the results earned in a very open market, not regulated enough and where private competitors grow by 1 billion euros per year.

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Camelot grows National Lottery sales and returns to Good Causes over first half of 2018/19

Announcing the results, Camelot CEO Nigel Railton said: “Thanks to the work we’ve been carrying out following our comprehensive review of the business, we’ve made a very positive start to the financial year across the board. Delivering over £2.8 billion to Good Cause projects, players and retailers in just six months is a fantastic achievement – and underlines the massive difference that The National Lottery continues to make to the lives of people and communities throughout the UK.

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