Jumbo Interactive FY 2016 Guidance

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Leading interactive lottery business, Jumbo Interactive Limited (ASX:JIN), is pleased to advise that it expects a significant increase in profit driven by growing customer numbers combined with a good run of Jackpots. A focus on managing costs and improving Germany also contributed to the forecast profit increase.

The following guidance is provided for the 12-month period to 30 June 2016:

30 June 2016


30 June 2015



+/- $155.0 mil

$130.0 mil


+/- $34.0 mil

$29.2 mil


+/- $4.4 mil

$0.7 mil

The Jackpot activity for H2 FY2016 was not as strong as H1, which is reflected in the expected TTV, Revenue and Profit as follows:

31 December 2015 H1


30 June 2016 H2


30 June 2016 FY



$81.3 mil

+/- $73.7 mil

+/- $155.0 mil


$17.8 mil

+/- $16.2 mil

+/- $34.0 mil


$2.0 mil

+/- $2.4 mil

+/- $4.4 mil

AU Jackpots1

  • Number

  • Average Div 1

  • Peak

  • Aggregate Div 1


$30.4 mil

$70 mil

$730 mil


$26.9 mil

$70 mil

$565 mil

FY2016 (FY2015) 45 (34)

$28.8 mil ($25.7 mil)

$70 mil ($70 mil)

$1,295 mil ($860 mil)

1Ozlotto/Powerball Division 1 jackpots of $15 million or more

Continued investment in proprietary technology and marketing together with jackpot activity during the financial year, leading to a large increase in the number of new customer accounts, are the principal drivers of growth in the Australian lottery business.

This increase in TTV and Revenue together with a focus on managing costs are the main reasons for the expected increase in the forecast profit.

The restructure of and changes in the German business in June 2015 have reduced expenses by

+/- $1 mil with a FY2016 forecast loss of +/- $2.6 mil (2015: loss of $3.6 mil).

Jumbo Interactive Limited is listed in Australia (ASX: JIN) as well as the German Frankfurt, Berlin and Stuttgart exchanges (Symbol: WKN A1C82X).

In 2000, Jumbo sold its first lottery ticket on the internet and witnessed a dramatic rise in popularity due to the convenience of buying tickets online. At first customers were attracted to the security of never losing a ticket and the convenience of automatic number checking, prize payments and auto-play. In 2012, Jumbo released a lottery app for the iPhone and in 2016 one lucky customer using the app won a $25 million Powerball division 1 prize. The appeal of mobile devices was taken a step further with the release an app for the Apple watch with prize alerts, winning numbers and ticket management now available on the wrist.

The Company operates the popular website www.ozlotteries.com in Australia under agreement with the Tatts Group (ASX: TTS) andwww.jumbolotto.de in Germany under federal licence and agreement with all 16 Länder (states).

Jumbo has proven its ability to open up new lottery markets with its innovative technology and internet marketing initiatives that have brought lotteries to new demographics via the internet. Jumbo has succeeded in targeting a younger and more mobile demographic with mobile devices now accounting for 67% of all online activity.

For further information: Mike Veverka

CEO and Executive Director Ph: 07 3831 3705





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