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Sports Betting in Missouri Gets Support of House Gaming Committee

After holding five hearings over three months beginning in August, the bipartisan Missouri House Special Interim Committee on Gaming has released their report confirming their approval for sports betting legislation.

“We want to give the General Assembly a set of facts, a set of baseline of where we’re at, and what some problems are out there,” Shaul told Missourinet earlier this week.

Source: missourinet.com

The Committee’s report ultimately found that sports betting could be an economic driver for the state’s 13 licensed riverboat casinos and help the state increase funding for education. The report further states that by not legalizing and regulating wagering on sporting events, that Missouri would lose those dollars to neighboring states that have legalized.

Early estimates place annual tax revenue for the state from sports betting around $37 million. That estimate is based upon an estimate that Missourians will wager roughly $5.5 billion per year on sporting events.