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On January 25, 2017, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation issued a public solicitation to qualify vendors that specialize in custom plastic fabrication & finishing (Request for Qualifications (RFQ) - CLC201701). A copy of the RFQ is attached.

To assist companies in responding fully to this RFQ, a sampling of potential plastic products the CLC is looking for or has used in the past can be found in Attachment A. It is important to note that the basis for future Product PQRs will not be limited to the products shown in Attachment A. Because the Lottery’s future plastic product needs are unknown at this time, any future CLC order(s) may require the parties to collaborate on product design and other specifications.

This RFQ is a solicitation for qualifications and is not a contract or offer to contract. Neither this RFQ nor any response from any company shall create a contract or any obligation on the CLC to award a contract. Unless and until there is a signed purchase order issued to a prequalified plastic fabrication and finishing vendor selected in connection with a Product PQR for a specific plastic product (the "Contract"), the CLC shall have no obligations. The Lottery does not guarantee that a prequalified vendor will be asked to respond to a Product PQR for a specific plastic product or that it will be awarded a Contract. The CLC reserves the right to enter into a Contract with a company not prequalified pursuant to this RFQ if the CLC, in its sole judgment, determines such Contract to be in its best interests. The CLC also reserves the right to negotiate and award split or multiple Contracts to several companies at the same time and possibly for the same products.


Interested companies must submit qualifications and other required information (as detailed in Part IV) in accordance with this RFQ. The Lottery reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to prequalify all or some companies, not prequalify any companies, seek additional information from companies, and waive any informalities or non-material deficiencies in submissions, in each instance as the CLC determines to be in its best interests.