(RFI) Arizona Lottery Lottery In-Lane Sales Program **Response Date Extended

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Request for Information (RFI)

Title: Lottery In-Lane Sales Program

By: Arizona Lottery

Attention: Interested Parties

Inquiries: Jennifer Wenger, State Procurement Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submit Response To: Arizona Lottery, Procurement

4740 E University Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Attn: Jennifer Wenger

Method of Submittal: Hand Delivery, Courier, or Regular Mail

Five (5) hard copy responses (unbound, collated) and one (1) USB memory stick with one (1) Word and one (1) PDF version of response

The name and address of Respondent and RFI title shall appear on the outside of the package(s) containing the response

Responses Due: Friday, January 12, 2018, 5 pm Arizona Time

Important Notice: This RFI is being distributed via ProcureAZ and the method of response submittal is hand delivery, courier, or regular mail. Responses shall not be submitted in ProcureAZ.


A. In accordance with Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) R19-3-538, the Arizona Lottery (Lottery) hereby gives notice via this Request for Information (RFI), of the its desire to receive responses, feedback, suggestions and comments regarding the items set forth herein. Responses to an RFI are not offers and cannot be accepted to form a binding contract. Responders are solely responsible for expenses associated with responding to the RFI. The Arizona Lottery is under no obligation to the responders in so far as the next steps to this process are concerned.

B. This RFI is issued as a means of technical understanding and information gathering. It is being issued for planning purposes only and should not be construed as a solicitation nor should it be construed as an obligation on the part of the Arizona Lottery to make any purchases. This RFI should not be construed as a means to pre-qualify vendors. The Arizona Lottery may utilize results of this RFI in drafting a competitive solicitation for the subject services, products and/or equipment. Any future contract(s) that may be awarded must be the result of a competitive solicitation and shall comply with the Arizona Procurement Code.

C. Information contained in a response to an RFI shall be considered confidential until the procurement process is concluded or two (2) years from when the RFI’s due date has elapsed, whichever occurs first unless authorized by the procurement officer.

D. Respondents are advised that the Public Record Laws may exempt certain portions of the responses, such as trade secrets or financial information, from public disclosure and permit confidential treatment by the Arizona


Lottery. If a Respondent believes that any materials submitted to the Arizona Lottery should be withheld from disclosure due to an exemption from the Public Record Laws, the Respondent must clearly and conspicuously identify these materials as "CONFIDENTIAL" and submit these materials as separate documents, files or attachments. The "CONFIDENTIAL" designation must appear in the header or footer of each page of the materials as well as in the file name. Any submission of confidential information must also include a concise written explanation as to why the information is exempt from disclosure.

E. The Arizona Lottery will make reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of confidential information to the extent permissible by law. The Arizona Lottery bears no responsibility for the disclosure of materials that have not been clearly identified as "CONFIDENTIAL" as described herein. Note that the Arizona Lottery shall not incur substantial legal costs for any challenge to the confidentiality of materials under the Public Records Laws. Should the vendor submit materials designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" and a suit for disclosure is filed under the Public Records Laws, upon timely notice, the vendor must immediately intervene to defend its own "CONFIDENTIAL" designation or the Arizona Lottery will release the documents to the requesting party.

F. The Arizona Lottery may request a presentation or demonstration in addition to the information delivered in the response.

G. Respondents may submit any additional presentation material, models, renderings, etc. that would assist the Arizona Lottery in visualization and understanding the RFI response.

H. Responses should be in the same relative order as information requested for consistency and continuity of the information received. Responses should be as detailed as possible.

I. The Arizona Lottery reserves the right to extend the deadline for submission. If extended, the new deadline will be updated within the RFI posting in ProcureAZ.

J. Questions regarding this RFI shall be submitted to Jennifer Wenger, Procurement Manager, via email at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Arizona Lottery is seeking information from vendors to identify innovative and financially viable mechanisms to implement a Lottery in-lane sales program at retailers throughout Arizona. The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to seek industry perspective and feedback on the questions presented herein and provide an opportunity for industry recommendations on best business approaches to achieve the desired goals as stated in this RFI.

In any resultant solicitation, such as a Request for Proposals (RFP), the Arizona Lottery anticipates contractually obligating any vendor to meet minimum asset and service quality. This includes the operation and maintenance of any new assets for improved cost efficiency and minimized risk.


Briefly provide the following descriptive information for the Respondent and its team members (if any). The purpose of this question is to the aid the Arizona Lottery in understanding the identity and type of business of Respondent.

A. Name of Respondent and its team members (if any).

B. Principal business for Respondent.

C. Identify any experience in implementing and maintaining a lottery in-lane sales program.

D. Describe your market share and list which retailers are included in your provider network.


A. Describe typical startup costs, specifically: a. Costs to Arizona Lottery

b. Costs to retailers



c. Other costs

B. What is the typical fee structure for in-lane sales? Describe:

a. Fees charged to Arizona Lottery

b. Fees charged to retailers

c. Fees charged to players

d. Any other fees


A. Of the current draw games offered by the Arizona Lottery, which would be included for in-lane sales?

B. Would lottery cards have to be purchased for a specific game or could they be used for any game supported by the Arizona Lottery?

C. Can the Arizona Lottery design the cards? If so: a. Describe design process.

b. What is the lead time for a new design to be approved?

c. Would there be an extra cost?

D. How long are cards valid for?

E. What actions, if any, are taken to promote program launch to players?

F. Describe program implementation timeline.


A. Describe the in-lane sales process from start to finish.

B. Describe validation procedures.

C. How are cards tracked (inventory, balances, etc.)?

D. If player is required to create an online account to redeem prizes, can account be combined with any current accounts they may have with the Arizona Lottery?

E. Where are products placed? Are there additional costs for premium placement?

F. Will players have the ability to print their ticket once purchased?


A. How do players interact with games?

B. What styles of games are offered?

C. Are games played online? a. If so, how does that work on mobile, desktop, and tablet?

b. Can players use a toll free landline if a mobile phone is unavailable?

D. What kind of support is provided to players who have general questions or are requesting assistance? a. Lost or stolen cards

b. Problems playing games



A. If a new draw game were to be started by the Arizona Lottery, what is the process to have it added to the program?

B. If a card is purchased for a specific game, what happens if that game is ended by the Arizona Lottery before entire balance has been redeemed?

C. What happens to unredeemed card balances?


A. How many retailers are served by the providers’ network? a. Is integration seamless with retailers’ current POS system or will it require additional changes by retailers?

b. What are the associated costs?

B. What sort of outreach is done to expand the number of retailers participating in in-lane sales program?


A. How does an in-lane sales program integrate with current tracking systems?

B. How would the Arizona Lottery access sales, validation, etc. data?


A. Does your company undertake marketing to ensure sales are steady and growing?

B. Are game enhancements and new styles of games easily integrated (e.g., "Winner Take All")?

C. Describe any strategies that the Arizona Lottery should consider to ensure best value is obtained