Inside the Market Basket of the C-Store Lottery Buyer - By Erik J. Martin, CSP,

By Erik J. Martin, CSP,

Gas, tobacco and cold beverages may be what get customers in the door. But don’t discount good old-fashioned luck in the form of lottery scratch-off and computer-generated tickets. They represent a consistent revenue stream for convenience operators, generating about $8,000 in sales weekly and 9% of total convenience sales, according to Management Science Associates (MSA).

“Lottery remains a very reliable source of revenue that sells itself,” says Don Burke, senior vice president of MSA, Pittsburgh. “It’s a category consumers rely on being able to purchase at a convenience store.”

But lottery is more than merely consistent; data suggests that it’s also complementary in building the market basket. Ninety-five percent of lottery buyers purchase at least one extra item inside the c-store, and the overall basket ring by these lottery customers averages $10.35, according to NACS. In comparison, those not buying lottery spend $6.29.

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