Paul's Blog October 1, 2018

Paul's Blog --  Congratulations to Dennis Berg and Team Ohio Lottery, and David Gale and Charlie McIntyre and Team NASPL for producing a fabulous conference and trade-show event. Click here to read

 The conference sessions were excellent and you know you’re on the right track when exhibitors as well as all the delegates are happy with the trade show!  The Hall of Fame ceremony was a joyous affair and the WILL reception as uplifting as ever.  Everyone loved it all and looks forward to next year’s NASPL conference - September 16 to 20 in Little Rock Arkansas.

Let’s extend an industry-wide welcome to the new executive director of the World Lottery Association.  We look forward to meeting Luca Esposito Poleo at the World Lottery Summit Buenos Aires, Nov. 18-22.  Visit for complete info.  We also look forward to honoring Jean-Luc Moner-Banet for his tremendous service to our industry.  Jean-Luc has led the WLA since 2012, being elected to three terms of service as the president of the World Lottery Association.  This has been an interesting time of industry disruption and progress and reshaping the relationships between technology partner and operator.  The steady, thoughtful, and decisive leadership of Jean-Luc has positioned the diverse WLA membership to work together to forge a healthy and prosperous future for the benefit of good causes

The U.S. Congress is conducting hearings right now to assess whether the federal government should be involved in regulatory policy as relates to sports betting.   Among the views being considered are those of Sheldon Adelson (by way of his proxy the Coalition to Stop Online Gambling) whose goal is economic protectionism for his land-based casinos.  Sheldon Adelson campaign contributions should not be allowed to influence public and regulatory policy as relates to gambling.  Congressional representatives should acknowledge that the last thing anyone needs is for the federal government to interfere in the process of regulating the gambling industry.  The states have always regulated and taxed gambling and for good reason.  Gambling cultures vary state-by-state and so policy should not be imposed in a one-size-fits-all federal government mandate.  The AGA (American Gaming Association) is also testifying.  I’m not sure who is representing the interests of state lotteries and their beneficiaries.    

New Hampshire Lottery joins Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, and Illinois in selling lottery tickets online.  Along with the consumer and the Lottery, the really big winner is the Retailer whose sales go up even faster when the product is made available online.  This may sound counter-intuitive.  The fact is that online sales expands the player base and drives retail traffic so that land-based sales increase right along-side of online sales.  There may still be a few people who wonder why it is so mission-critical for Lottery to be made available online and on the Mobile: It’s just not just about the incremental increase in sales.  It’s more about following the path of the most successful consumer marketing company in the world which has now become the most valuable company in the world (and the first to pass the $trillion valuation mark).  Amazon’s winning streak is likely to continue because it recognized years ago that the whole name of the game is knowing your customer.  And I mean literally knowing your customer which means converting them from anonymous retail players over to being registered customers.  The future is bright for those which act now to forge that interactive relationship which means registered player base.