NCAA makes sports betting requests to Indiana lawmakers

This past summer, after New Jersey legalized sports betting in the state, the NCAA — in conjunction with the NFL — released a joint statement calling on proper structure and framework for the booming industry. A look at how NCAA makes sports betting requests to Indiana.

On Wednesday, reported that the NCAA rejected an integrity fee concept and rolled out with sports betting requests to Indiana lawmakers.

Just as the aforementioned tweet specified, the NCAA wrote a two-page paper of requests for what it will need to go forth with sports betting.

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Some of those requests have the NCAA calling on lawmakers to “eliminate the illegal sports betting marketplace” and implement core regulatory standards, including enforcing an age limit, pinpointing addiction resources, accruing official data and ensuring privacy and security, as reported by The NCAA also wants sports gambling operators to be licensed.

That’s definitely a laundry list of demands, but nobody should be surprised. After all, the NCAA is the same organization which profits off of major student-athletes, while refusing to pay them.

That, and the NCAA did issue a combined statement with the NFL in August, laying the groundwork for proving to be tough opposition as far as delving into the sports gambling sector goes.

“Protecting the integrity of our sports is of paramount importance to the NFL and NCAA,” their joint statement at the time read, as reported by “Core federal standards are critical to safeguarding the sports we love, the millions of athletes across the country who play these games at all levels and our fans.”