Japan to Use Facial Recognition to Fight Gambling Addiction

Japan’s government will request venues that host gambling operations to introduce facial recognition software to help businesses root out people who suffer from various forms of addiction.

Japan’s Gambling Renaissance: Fighting Addiction with Technology

Since late 2018, Japan has been stepping up its efforts to build a future for the gambling industry. The country’s efforts have been successful under the rule of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who acknowledged the economic windfall of a legalizing casino industry.

As a result, the country will welcome a dedicated Integrated Resort (IR) project which will host a limited number of individual casino brands. The move is designed to open Japan towards a new source of revenue and compete with local hubs such as Macau and Jeju Islands.

The country’s hoping to attract regional customers from other Asian countries where gambling is under various restrictions, including places such as China. Amid the talk to build the Integrate Resort (IR), a new issue has been brought forth – introducing adequate gamblers protection practices.

Controlling Gambling Addiction with Facial Recognition in Japan

On Thursday last week, Japanese authorities asked gambling businesses to introduce facial recognition system that would allow them to better track restricted gamblers who experience addictive behavior and have been excluded from the industry.