Responsible Gaming for Sustainable Growth By Chris Sfatos Group Corporate Affairs Director, INTRALOT


INTRALOT’s success as worldwide leader in gaming technologies and services for regulated markets is based on its values and its unwavering commitment to progress and excellence. For more than 25 years we have consistently helped our clients to deliver revenues for good causes by applying the highest ethical and labor standards and we have built a culture of partnerships and shared vision with local partners, which offer portfolio synergies and local market knowledge. A cornerstone of our corporate governance is our Code of Conduct along with our specific AML and anti-bribery compliance policies.

The industry we are serving has come to realize that transition to the digital era has to be fast, but at the same time consistent with its solid principles of responsibility and social contribution. INTRALOT adheres to Responsible Gaming and Security standards by offering reliable products and services to gaming markets around the world according to the Responsible Gaming Framework for Associate members by the World Lottery Association (WLA). In addition to our specific WLA Responsible Gaming practices we are in possession of the highest security certifications, as INTRALOT is the first certified international vendor in the gaming sector according to the WLA Security Control Standard since 2012.

The company has been certified with the ISO 27001 for its Information Security Management System (ISMS) and maintains the ISO 20000-1 certification on Information Technology Service Management. Since our Level IV certification by WLA for Responsible Gaming in 2015 we have made every effort to be an Ambassador of the framework and actively promote our image aligning with transparently regulated business while participating in every initiative against the grey or illegal operators. We have been part of the Early Warning system against match-fixing of FIFA and we welcome the new GLMS initiative by WLA through our operator subsidiaries. Applying modern standards in pursuing sustainable growth strategies has been part of our key strategic development and growth practices. Every year, INTRALOT seeks to improve its reporting and adapt to evolving international best practices as documented by the incremental progress reported in the Annual Corporate Responsibility Report by rallying all related stakeholders behind this mission.

During the past three years INTRALOT had the opportunity to demonstrate concrete results stemming from a new strategic direction and far reaching reforms implemented. The main driver has been the need to offer products and services that guarantee a secure transition to the digital era to our clients and the communities we serve. Under the strategic direction of Lottery Digital Transformation, we have designed platforms for personalized offerings that serve the ‘All about the Player’ Product and Services strategy, while increasing transparency and security with products focusing on getting to know our clients better. System security and reliability are cornerstone attributes for every responsible and dependable suppliers’ product and service portfolio in the digital era. Player data protection and anti-fraud management are of paramount importance for sustainable growth.

Flexibility and modularity are key novel concepts in our product design that offer clients the capability to integrate best-of-breed, thirdparty solutions with great ease, addressing their security and responsibility needs in the retail and online world. Our product and service design offering aims at reconciling two opposing trends: the need for increasing consumer options in games, touchpoints and experiences with the desire for ease of use, familiarity, and responsible gaming experiences in a controlled and regulated environment. Designing a holistic player experience with cross-vertical, cross-channel products and services addresses this need. The considerable challenge of controlling player behavior through the online and remote gaming environment is being addressed by the enhanced capabilities of technologies making use of data analytics, registered player functionalities, and new controls at every step of the player journey without sacrificing the entertainment aspect of the game. Players are constantly reminded not only of the threats of irresponsible playing behavior but also of the societal benefits of the responsible and sociable playing experience. In the past couple of years INTRALOT has reconsidered its geographic focus, placing more emphasis in developed and mature markets. Partnerships require strong commitment to shared values, which need to be clearly articulated and promoted.