Wyoming Welcomes Responsible Gambling

Wyoming Welcomes Responsible Gambling.

Gambling is fun but can be addictive. So, the Wyoming Lottery, the Wyoming Department of Health, and a team of key stakeholders organized a coalition to promote safe gambling in Wyoming.
We’re calling it the Wyoming Responsible Gambling Coalition (WRGC). The WRGC exists to foster smart gaming in Wyoming through statewide collaboration and creativity. The coalition is actively pursuing projects that encourage responsible gaming and that help limit the addictive behaviors commonly associated with gambling to break the dependency cycle.
We have researched gambling addiction and how it affects Wyomingites. In the next few years, the WRGC intends to continue to prioritize research, as well as to strengthen marketing and communications to spread the message that gaming can and should be fun, not damaging.
We are proud to launch our first campaign, which highlights how good things can become bad when taken too far and encourages you to set limits, to be smart, and to plan ahead before you go.

To learn more about the risk involved with not gambling responsibly, visit WyoLotto.com/Responsible-Gambling