Apple blocks out gambling apps Popular gambling apps banned from the App Store

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Apple blocks out gambling apps – Popular gambling apps banned from the App Store

July 31, 2018

Spell papers from companies such as Folkeautomaten, Betsson, NordicBet, Coolbet, ComeOn, Unibet and NorgesAutomaten are now blocked out of the App Store in Norway.

This is reported by Aftenposten and the website.

The reason must be that they violate Apple's guidelines, which states that all apps must be licensed in the country they are targeting.

38 apps banned

On May 23, the Lottery Authority has sent letters to Apple where they accounted for 38 apps like In the opinion of the Authority, it was contrary to the American Company's guidelines.

Apple was not required to remove the app from the Lottery Authority.

 Last week However, the American company has filed a so-called geosperre in its app store, which allowed Norwegian users to no longer download the apps.

If you have already downloaded one of the apps, you will still be able to use them. However, future updates will not be available, so eventually they will stop working.

Clean casino and poker apps from international gaming companies are still available.

Google has not received a similar letter from the Lottery Authority. [19659004] Disagree with the Lottery Authority

If the gaming games will appear on the App Store, it is unclear.

The Lottery Authority will send a new letter to Apple if they find more apps they believe violate the policy.

According to Money Games. com believes ComeOn that the Lottery Authority should have led Apple behind the light.

– The Lottery Authority has left far beyond its own mandate, bringing Apple back to the light with what is at best half-truths , says spokesman for ComeOn in Norway, Stian Bjørnstad, to

They are now going to respond to Apple that they are acting legally against the Norwegian market.