Michigan New bill package would regulate internet gambling

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Internet gambling is happening in Michigan – and it needs to be regulated to protect people. That’s the message of advocates of a package of bills (HB 4926, HB 4927, and HB 4928) to regulate Internet gambling in the state.

Bill sponsors believe the issue will be tackled next year. There’s already similar legislation waiting for a vote in the Senate.

Democratic Representative Jeremy Moss helped craft amendments to bring Democrats on board. One priority for him is to have money set aside to help problem gamblers.

“Those are the 800 numbers and the other resources that people need if they do have an addiction and cannot stop and are really getting to a point where it’s impacting their day to day lives.”

Moss said the bills would also let the state capture some of the revenue from online gaming. That money would go toward the general fund. He says that’ll help fix Michigan roads and schools.

Republican Representative Brandt Iden is a bill sponsor. Iden said he believes they will see action on these bills next year. Similar bills are also moving through the state Senate.

“You get on the internet today, you type in Michigan internet gaming and sites pop up. And we need to make sure we have the proper consumer protections in place to make sure that people are protected. That’s what we’re here to do.”

Critics of the legislation say it would pull revenue away from the state lottery. They say that would put a dent in the state’s School Aid Fund, which the lottery helps support.