New Jersey Warns Online Gambling Ban Won’t Be Tolerated

New Jersey Warns Online Gambling Ban Won’t Be Tolerated

Comments were made this week by President Elect Trumps’ Administration Attorney General Nominee, Jeff Sessions about rethinking online gambling and the Wire Act, but the reaction isn’t what was expected from the nominee. New Jersey Senator Candidate Raymond Lesniak put out a warning for anyone who tries to reverse the 2011 Department of Justice concerning the Wire Act will be dealt with from the state.

New Jersey has been operating online gambling for several years, and has been successful with regulating the market, now isn’t the time to screw things up! Lesniak isn’t too happy about the situation saying that legalized online gambling is very important to the state including Atlantic City and all operators who have been successful that the risk of losing online operations is not welcomed!

Lesniak also made it be known that if legislative sessions choose to change the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel Opinion on online gambling activities that the state will, without a doubt take judicial measures against whoever tries to stop and all operators in Atlantic City will support him.

There may have been some ups and downs with online gambling in the garden state, but there’s been more ups than downs, and revenues from online activities have been more than beneficial to the state.