Message from Susan and Paul

in People


While we are not sure of the appropriate thing to say about a global crisis, I am sure that we are all gonna keep on keepin’ on.  Susan and I  are both fine and we hope that you are all making do as well.  We are thinking about you, and thinking about what our world will look like when we come out the other side - hopefully sooner than later.  Maybe there are things we can be doing now, even if it is just planning ahead, to get positioned for successfully building our businesses.  We don’t know what the “new normal” will look like.  But I think we can expect there will be abundant opportunity as well as challenges and the need to make adjustments to the way we operate.  Maybe if we stay dedicated to the service of our many stakeholders, and work together to make the best of our situation – maybe we can re-set for a new normal that will be even more receptive to the incredible value that government-lotteries have to offer.  

Virtual Hugs,

Susan and Paul