Sarah Harrison, CEO UK Gambling Commission, outlines vision for future focus for 2017

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Excerpt from Sarah Harrison speech - The Edelman trust barometer tracks public trust in business, governments, NGOs and the media. The 2017 survey reveals that trust is in crisis around the world. As with any business sector, the gambling industry’s longer-term sustainability is hugely reliant on trust - a recognition that customers using products and services are valued, respected and treated fairly. Respect in this context, manifests itself in a number of ways: how operators write and present terms and conditions, how they handle complaints, how they act towards consumers who are vulnerable and so on .….. Building consumer trust and confidence are key themes for the Commission, as we develop our forward strategy over the coming year we are fortunate in that we have a strong basis of the licensing objectives on which to build – keeping gambling safe, fair and free from crime.


Gambling Commission Chief Executive Looks to the Future at This Year's Flagship Gaming Show

BIRMINGHAM, U.K. (February 7, 2017) -- Gambling Commission chief executive Sarah Harrison has today set out her vision for the future focus of the Gambling Commission and wider industry, as she addressed one of the largest international gaming shows.

Sarah spoke on a number of topics at the World Regulatory Briefing conference within ICE Vox. Her address considered recent market, political and society developments, as well as her reflections on the past 12 months.

Importantly, she also set out the Gambling Commission’s focus for the coming year, focusing on:

    publication of a forward strategy that will guide the Commission’s work over the next three years

    building consumer trust and confidence

    improving the way the Commission works

    developing advice to the Government on the gambling review

    a review of the online market.


Discussing the seismic shift in the balance of power between the public and government, Mrs Harrison noted that these changes are also altering the relationship between consumers and business. She said: “Gambling operators need to focus now on how they should adapt, improve and build consumer trust and confidence to avoid the aftershocks and retain sustainable long term businesses.

We will work as the GB regulator, and with our European and international regulator partners, to do all we can within our powers to put consumer interests first to create regulation which can give confidence and, in turn, foster a healthy gambling market.

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SOURCE: Gambling Commission.