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Legislature passes landmark bill, Governor will sign, consumers rejoice!

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 26, 2017) – The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group with 1.2 million members nationwide and more than 25,000 in Pennsylvania, today cheers a major victory for consumers in Pennsylvania with the passage of legislation to license and regulate internet poker and other forms of online gaming in the state.

Pennsylvania made the right decision today,” said John Pappas, executive director of PPA. "This is a major victory for consumers who, for years, have asked the state to step up and provide meaningful protections. The iGaming law will also help create new growth opportunities for the Commonwealth’s bricks and mortar casinos while providing needed revenue for the state budget,” continued Pappas.

In 2013, New Jersey passed comprehensive iGaming legislation similar to the bill that passed today in Pennsylvania. “The experience in New Jersey has been nothing short of exceptional. iGaming is responsibly operated by licensed casinos and the technologies they deploy ensure adherence to strict regulatory standards. Moreover, the industry is growing and so are tax revenues. Pennsylvania is now in the driver seat to do even better," Pappas said.

One notable difference is the effective tax rate for online slots. New Jersey’s effective rate is 17 percent across the board for all iGaming while the Pennsylvania law imposes a whopping 54 percent tax on internet slots! Pennsylvania will tax internet poker and other internet table games at a reasonable 16 percent. “The extraordinary high tax rate for internet slots may impact how many casinos are willing to offer that specific product. Ultimately, that rate needs to come down so Pennsylvania can reach iGaming’s full revenue potential,” Pappas added.

PPA has been at the forefront of supporting licensed and regulated online poker in the Commonwealth throughout this process. PPA members reached out to lawmakers thousands of times via the media, social media, direct emails and phone calls, urging them to pass online poker legislation with strong consumer protections. Check out PPA’s PA Infographic to learn how everyday citizens helped turn this bill into law.

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