Loto-Québec opens bets on the future of Donald Trump at the White House

Will Donald Trump still be President of the United States after May 1, 2018? 

Bets are open at Loto-Québec, which proposes to the bettors to bet on the future of the controversial American president via its platform Mise-O-Jeu. On Wednesday afternoon, Loto-Québec offered a rating of 1.12 for a favorable response (yes) to the question against a rating of 4.00 for its possible departure from the White House. Which means that an initial bet of $ 100 on the possible departure of Donald Trump by May 1, 2018 as President of the United States could bring $ 400 to a bettor. At Loto-Québec, it is argued that the issue is not of a negative nature. "It's a subject that everyone is talking about and discussing. He might even decide to leave by himself, " Loto-Québec spokesman Patrice Lavoie told the Journal . Loto-Québec is not the only betting company to allow its players to bet on the future of President Trump in the White House. In Europe, several gambling halls also offer the same type of bet.

Trump is chargeable It must be said that the presence of Donald Trump on the American political scene has been very paying so far for Loto-Québec. In the last American election, the course of the controversial politician made the sales of bets jump. The bets on the American presidential will have been the most popular non-sporting bet of all time in Loto-Québec. Between January 25 and November 8, 2016, Loto-Québec said it registered more than 12,157 bets on the US elections for sales of more than $ 301,000. For Loto-Québec, non-sports betting represents an additional source of revenue since 2012. The Crown Corporation offers players the opportunity to wager at the awards ceremony in galas such as ADISQ, Olivier, Oscar, Grammy or Golden Globe. Loto-Québec reiterates, however, that it does not intend to open bets for elections that would eventually take place in Quebec or in Canada.