Some Arkansas lottery retailers now accepting debit cards

A new law is now in effect allowing the purchase of lottery tickets with debit cards. Before now, it was cash-only. The law went into effect on Tuesday and already some retailers say they’re seeing a spike in sales.

There was a lot of scratching and winning Wednesday at the Super Stop Shell gas station on Wildwood in Sherwood.

Keith Halbrook bought a couple of scratch-off tickets with his debit card.

"I bought two. I spent two dollars and got 7 back. I'll do that all day but I've got to go to a meeting,” Halbrook said.

The manager of the store Nicole Endsley says in just a day, they have seen more people buying tickets when they realize they can pay for it with their debit card. They're the number four retailer in the state, selling an average of $35 hundred dollars a day in tickets.

"One lady bought 200 dollars’ worth of lottery tickets on a debit,” Endsley said.

Research from several financial outlets shows a majority of millennials don't carry cash on them.

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Director Bishop Woosley says they were losing out on current and future players who purchase everything with debit cards.

"I can get all the way to work and back without ever pulling out cash or a debit card. We're moving to a cashless society and we have to do this to remain relevant,” Woosley said.

Woosley says only debit cards will work--no credit cards. While debit cards can be stolen, they'll try to help retailers if tickets are fraudulently purchased.

"So anytime that someone says hey we had a theft, if they're doing proper inventory, they can say hey it was pack number so and so and we can find where the attempts are to cash those,” Woosley said.

Right now, Woosley says about half of their retailers are taking debit card, the other half are keeping it all cash. Some retailers we spoke with said they didn't want to deal with the fees they get charged by card companies.