How Twitch TV continues to affect the iGaming Industry

The iGaming industry continues to grow, evolve, and shock. Just when we get used to the new norm, some new technology or version is created to again grab our attention.

It’s a lot to keep up with.

Around the world, iGaming is a solid wager — the U.K., Europe, and the United States continue to trend upwards in the number of people participating, and the focus has changed to an even younger demographic than before — millennials (18-30 years old) are what make up the majority of iGamers. The iGaming industry that was originally dominated by video and mobile games has now opened up the door to casinos and similar entertainment.


For starters, virtual reality has created a lot of buzz in the industry. iGaming has a point to prove in some main areas including virtual reality, live-streaming, and mobile play. It will be exciting to see where the technology takes the industry in the coming months and years.


Because virtual reality has a long way to go and isn’t likely to really take off for iGaming in the near future, let’s focus on live-streaming and mobile play. Let’s face it, the entry level for virtual reality is still super high. Most devices that are made of plastic come in over $1,000 and that doesn’t include the cost of the device to actually run it. Besides Google Cardboard, nothing else is affordable.

Live-streaming and mobile play have really changed the way the iGaming industry works. Competitive video gaming or eSports will most certainly sneak onto iGaming websites, too, as the world becomes more obsessed with watching normal people do great things. The option for the Twitch Integration may be a leg up for casino sites, giving the ability to stream tournaments and, of course, what Twitch is known for, how-to-videos to engage and build its audience.

For those who aren’t familiar, Twitch is the best streaming platform out there; people flock in masses to watch eSports, poker games, video games, and to gather tips, tricks, and strategies on how to become better at whatever game or sport they are playing. It is the modern how-to-guide or instructional pamphlet.

In fact, streamers are now choosing Twitch over YouTube! It is user-friendly, has popular services and consoles, and includes major live video game centric streamers who have moved most of their activity from YouTube. The fact that Twitch is now streaming casino gaming such as slots, poker, or any number of other video waging activities, it is no wonder it is growing so fast. People like to watch and learn from the best-skilled people. So much so that the casino gaming category is one of the fastest growing on Twitch currently.

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Another way Twitch continues to change the iGaming industry is because it gives people a way to preview how online casinos or other eSports games work before they start placing wagers. Providers like PokerStars, a mobile gaming, online casino, and sports wagering service, allows you to see its table games, video slots, and video poker and wagering in action, all risk-free. It is great to be able to watch other players first! And watching live events and players isn’t just important, it’s also exhilarating. Nothing like learning from the best!