Linq3 Lottery Card Launch Update

Dear lottery colleagues,

The Lottery Card™ is live! Over the past six weeks the Linq3 and Blackhawk Network teams, as well as our Lottery and retail partners, have worked hard to ensure a successful launch across Georgia and Ohio. Thank you to both state lotteries for their efforts and partnership thus far.

We’ve had several queries from lotteries asking to explain the roll-out, so please see the below summary and graphic of this timeline. We will follow a very similar roll-out for each new state that launches.

Lottery Card Launch Timeline:

July 8th
The Lottery Card technology was turned ON. Final system testing completed.
July 15th - 
August 18th
Lottery Cards began making their way into participating retailers across Georgia and Ohio. 

In Ohio, we launched with Buehler’s Fresh Foods, Giant Eagle, Kroger, and Target – a footprint of over 500 stores across the state. Casey’s will join in Q1 next year. 

In Georgia, we launched with Kroger and Target – totaling over 220 stores. Food Lion, Publix, and South Eastern Grocers are scheduled for launch later this year – this is an additional 300 stores.
August 20th
The Marketing Plan launched in Ohio. The integrated plan includes: 1) Ohio Lottery marketing and promotions across TV, Radio, Website, App, Database, and Print; 2) Retailer merchandising, product placement, marketing, and promotions; and 3) Lottery Card public relations (PR) and awareness campaign. Georgia Lottery marketing and promotion will start as soon as we receive their approval to move forward.
Launch Timeline

One week into the Marketing Launch, we are where we expected to be at this stage. The product looks great in stores, consumers are enjoying this new way to play, the technology is working as planned, and we are excited to see initial sales coming in.

Over the next few weeks and in the lead up to this year’s NASPL conference in Cleveland, I will provide further updates including examples of Lottery marketing, retailer merchandising and other highlights. Next week, I will share photos showing the fantastic in-store merchandising.

If you have yet to see them, please check out our two animations:

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If you have any questions regarding the Lottery Card, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the details below.

Mark Smith 
Chief Marketing Officer
Office: 678.686.4300
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