Australia: Gambling Ads Banned During Sports Broadcasting

Gambling advertising will be a thing of the past during commercial sports broadcasting as of March 30th.

The new law means that gambling ads cannot be played before 8.30pm during Australian sports broadcasting.

This applies to all free-to-air TV, subscription TV and radio broadcasts and applies to all sports broadcasting nationally.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is the driving force behind implementing this change. 

Spokesperson Nerida O’Loughlin from ACMA says this was put in place to protect children from being influenced by gambling agencies. 

"The new restrictions on gambling advertising supplement existing rules about gambling advertising during live sport and significantly enhance community safeguards during times when children are part of the audience," O'Loughlin said. 

"The new rules will also ensure that broadcasters make clear to audiences, including parents, when gambling advertising is prohibited in live sport programming."

This will be closely monitored over the next 12 months by authorities.