Bill to increase lottery prizes, payout to education signed by Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin

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    OKLAHOMA CITY — Gov. Mary Fallin on Tuesday signed a measure designed to raise lottery prizes in hopes of increasing sales and funding for education.

Current law requires the lottery to give 35 percent of its profits to education. House Bill 1837 removes that profit requirement.

“We’re thrilled for our education partners who are going to receive substantially more proceeds going forward to benefit their important missions,” said Jay Finks, Oklahoma Lottery director of marketing and administration. “The support of the education community and strong leadership from Rep. Leslie Osborn (R-Mustang) and Sen. Kim David (R-Porter) was critical to making a positive change we’ve needed and wanted to make for 10 years for the benefit of our schools.

“Players can expect exciting changes this summer that we look forward to announcing in the coming months.”

For years, lottery officials have said prizes were not competitive, hindering sales and reducing the amount of revenue the lottery could provide for education.

Lawmakers had balked at making changes in the past, but a $878 million budget hole may have changed some minds.