Spain: ONCE Dedicates Lottery Coupon to World Down Syndrome Day

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Spain: ONCE Dedicates Lottery Coupon to World Down Syndrome Day

March 14, 2019

Spain.- 14 of Spain of 2019 ONCE dedicates the coupon on Thursday, March 21, to the World Day of Down Syndrome. Five and a half million coupons will support people with Down Syndrome and their families throughout Spain.

This coupon has been presented by Miguel Carballeda Piñeiro, president of the ONCE and the Social Group ONCE, and Inés Álvarez Arancedo, president of Down Madrid, accompanied by Clara Lillo, Alfonso Ruiz and Álvaro del Bosque, the three people whose images illustrate the coupon .

Inés Álvarez has highlighted the support of "the ONCE and Fundación ONCE, who are and will be partners to advance in a more just society". The president of Down Madrid has pointed out that "together we will be able to launch many projects for people with Down Syndrome".

Miguel Carballeda recalled the work done by associations that dedicate their efforts to Down Syndrome, "that improve the lives of families with children with Down." The president of the ONCE Social Group has affirmed that "with this coupon you fight for the rights of these people".

The World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21, since, in 2011, the UN proclaimed that date. The objective is to generate greater public awareness about Down Syndrome, and to remember the inherent dignity, worth and valuable contributions of people with intellectual disabilities to society.

In addition, we want to highlight the importance of the autonomy and individual independence of people with Down, in particular the freedom to make their own decisions.

This 2019 the celebration of World Down Syndrome Day will focus on the slogan 'Do not leave anyone behind'. People with Down syndrome should have the opportunity to enjoy full lives, on equal terms with others, as in other aspects of society; as reflected in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the UN.

In Spain there are 35.00 people with Down Syndrome. In Europe, the figure reaches 400,000, and in the world there are some eight million people with Down.

Down Syndrome is a natural chromosome combination that has always been part of the human condition, exists in all regions of the world and usually has variable effects on learning styles, physical characteristics or health.

It is a genetic occurrence caused by the existence of extra genetic material on chromosome 21. The estimated incidence of Down syndrome worldwide is between 1 in 1,000 and 1 in every 1,100 newborns.

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