Cindy Polzin: Wisconsin Lottery delivers benefits statewide

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Dear Editor: The Wisconsin Lottery delivers benefits to players, businesses and homeowners every day. Beneficiaries live and work in communities throughout the state. They are your friends, relatives and co-workers.

Do you know where the money goes? Over 93 percent of all revenue is returned to winners, retailers and homeowners.

In 1988, the lottery was created to provide property tax relief to homeowners. Since then, of every dollar spent on lottery products, approximately 57 cents is paid in prizes, 30 cents goes to property tax credits, 7 cents to operational expenses, and 6 cents to neighborhood businesses.

Sales totaling more than $14.5 billion provided over $8.2 billion to winning players, more than $4.3 billion to homeowners and $920 million to stores. This money stays in Wisconsin and enriches communities statewide.

The faces of these beneficiaries are featured in the new campaign titled "What do Wisconsin Lottery Winners Look Like?" Television spots presenting real players and retailers, not actors, in their favorite everyday activities began airing in January.