Loterie Nationale Luxembourg National Lottery progresses, but suffers due to illegal gambling

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The Lottery states that "for more than 70 years, the Work has donated nearly 400 million euros to charities. On average, on 1 € bet by a player, 25 cents come back to good causes.

The National Lottery takes stock 2018 of its activities

The National Lottery recorded an increase in sales from 2.75% (+ 3.7% in 2017) to 104.3 million euros for the year 2018. 

Lottery games have variable results. The Lotto history recorded in 2018 stable sales figures "thanks to a community of players whose loyalty is the test of time," says the National Lottery in a statement released on Monday. 

The Lottery takes stock of its activities last year during which it earned 104.3 million euros in sales (101 million in 2017). 

The details are not yet announced, but the sales of Euromillions, Joker and ExtraLux (an additional gain of the Euromillions created in Luxembourg) fell by 3%. In 2017, the Euromillions accounted for no less than 45% of the gross revenue of the Lottery games.

"The efforts of the National Lottery to modernize the game Zubito Loto have partially limited the decline in sales to -8%. The illegal gambling terminals, still expanding, however continue to negatively influence the results of the legal offer of the National Lottery ", says the institution, which for its part has 450 points of sale.

Hope in this segment, the High 5 (a daily jackpot of 50,000 euros) "was a great success with players. Its sales have largely contributed to the overall result, although the game was launched during the year, "said the Lottery.

Revenues for the Work

Conversely, the Lottery is pleased to have renewed its range of scratch games which has increased by 15%, with, again, a product entered in the habits players: the Piccobello.

And the Lottery to observe the stability of horse betting compared to 2017 (1.8%), while lamenting the decline of Oddset sports betting (1.8% of revenues also in 2017) by 43.5%, due "An illegal offer that undermines the efforts of the National Lottery," said the statement.

The development of illegal games raises at least the question of the purpose of the latter, since the net amounts collected by the Lottery are donated in full to the National Relief Service Grande-Duchesse Charlotte who can use them for its social causes.

The Lottery states that "for more than 70 years, the Work has donated nearly 400 million euros to charities. On average, on 1 € bet by a player, 25 cents come back to good causes.


National Lottery progresses, but suffers illegal gambling

The National Lottery recorded 104.3 million euros of sales last year, an increase of 2.75% compared to 2017. This makes it possible to offset a drop on the historical draw games and competing bets. by illegal games.

The success of the new draw game High 5, launched during the year and offering a jackpot of 50,000 euros, has helped to boost sales. Similarly, the losses recorded on other games were offset by the renewal of the range of scratch tickets, says the National Lottery.

Rubbel sales benefited from the novelty effect with three new scratch games. The Piccobello remains the engine of the range, and the tickets to be offered as the December calendar and the luck package were also acclaimed at the end of the year. In total, Rubbel's results increased by 15% in 2018.

The stable Lotto

A subdued year however for EuroMillions, Joker and ExtraLux, whose sales were down 3%. This despite a promising start with a jackpot of 177 million in February and despite two events "Super Jackpot" of 130 million in April and September. As for the Lotto, a historical game in Luxembourg, its popularity remains stable.

The National Lottery awards its results at half mast to illegal gambling terminals, still expanding. This is for example the case of Oddset sports betting, which saw a sharp decline, with losses of 43.5%.

Always for good causes

As a reminder, the games of the National Lottery are operated by the National Relief Grand Duchess Charlotte. For more than 70 years, nearly 400 million have been donated to it. On average, on 1 euro bet by a player, 25 cents go back to the charities.