Totalizator Sportowy seeks a testing partner for mobile app

in Lottery

Totalizator Sportowy, which has announced the launch of an iLotto portal and mobile application, is looking for a company to test the mobile app.

The iLotto portal and mobile application will feature a number of games from the company, such as Lotto or Multi Multi. The intention is to increase the sales volume of these games. Customers will be able to purchase the games, register to create account in these games and manage their accounts from the portal and app.

The company is currently undergoing proceedings in which it wants to choose a company responsible for testing the iLotto portal and application. The tests are to be carried out in two stages – the first will be carried out before their official launch, and the second – after the launch.

The Totalizator will work with the selected company by the end of December this year, which means that the iLotto will be launched later this year.