By Daniel Hogan - Forget sports betting law, and try the New York Lottery

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With regard to Tom Precious’ May 3 article on sports betting (“Gambling world descends on Albany to help get sports betting law approved”), as a consultant and former chair and member of the defunct New York State Racing & Wagering Board, I offer the following advice for free.

The New York Lottery is one of the constitutionally approved forms of gambling in New York State. The lottery is ubiquitous in the state and already provides games to the state’s racinos. I’d be willing to wager the lottery’s contractors could quickly and easily implement a safe and secure sports wagering program for New York State. The money would all go to the state bookmaker, purportedly to fund education and the people who are descending on the state capitol in Albany like greedy vultures could go try and pick another state’s bones for a change.

No new laws would need to be passed, no new taxes levied, no phony integrity fees paid and no new handouts given.

The line is published in newspapers already, so the odds are set same as it ever was. The state would also have some time to make decisions about online wagering while allowing people to go to the corner store or bar – any existing lottery retailer – and make a legal bet.

And if New York doesn’t tax sports wagering too much people will get off their couches to bet on sports. They can use their smart phone map app to lead them to the nearest lottery retailer and help support local business as well.

Daniel Hogan