France: Mission "Heritage at risk": presentation at the Elysée Palace of the FDJ games that will finance the monuments in danger

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On the occasion of a reception at the Elysée Palace in the presence of the 269 project holders of the "Heritage in Danger" mission, FDJ presents today the games that will finance this mission. 
For Stéphane Pallez, President and CEO of FDJ "This is an important moment for FDJ. Born to fund the social action for the fighting world, FDJ, involved in the financing of sport for all in France for 30 years, will contribute to the financing of a new great national cause: the French heritage in danger. For this, FDJ will mobilize all its efforts to make these games a success and heritage a great popular cause "

FDJ chosen to finance the "Heritage in Danger" mission
France benefits from an extraordinary heritage, a great wealth (cultural heritage, religious, agricultural ...) and distributed throughout France. This heritage is dear to the French. It is also the attraction of the country visited by 89 million visitors a year. However 7% to 10% of this heritage is in danger.

Last September, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron entrusted Stéphane Bern with a "heritage in danger" mission to lead to the identification of monuments of local heritage in danger and to the setting up of innovative financing to restore it. It is in this context that the State has adopted the principle of a contribution from FDJ to finance this mission. 
€ 15 to € 20 million from public draws on the "Mission Patrimoine" games will be allocated to a specific fund of the Heritage Foundation. It will be used to safeguard 269 projects all over France, in particular 18 so-called emblematic monuments.

By participating in these games, the French can contribute to the rehabilitation of the French heritage without their chance of gain being reduced.

As a follow-up, FDJ becomes a patron of the Heritage Foundation for 3 years and relays its call for donations. Its Corporate Foundation dedicated to equal opportunities will become a major sponsor of the Heritage-Employment program for the socio-professional integration of people in social fragility.

Recall that the Royal Lottery, at the origin of the National Lottery and FDJ, was created by François 1st to finance the French heritage. And today, several major world lotteries finance heritage (Camelot in the United Kingdom, lotteries in the United States ...).

The financing of great national causes is part of the DNA of the National Lottery, created in 1933 to help the wounded war (Maw broken). The contribution to the general interest is at the heart of FDJ's redistributive model and the Bern mission strengthens it. In 2017, FDJ contributed € 3.4 billion to the general interest (including € 230 million for sport for all), representing 22% of bets, which represents 1% of the state budget.

"Heritage Mission" Games: Event scratch and draw SUPER LOTO

  • Scratching Game "Mission Heritage"

FDJ will launch next September 3 a game of scratch event bearing the name "MISSION PATRIMOINE" and declined in 3 different tickets. It will propose an exceptional maximum gain of 1.5M € for a scratch game (bet 15 €). Never such a maximum gain has been proposed by FDJ on a scratch ticket (Millionaire offers a maximum gain of 1M €). This jackpot amount is close to a classic LOTO® jackpot starting at 2M €.

This scratch game has one of the highest Player Return Rates (72% of the stakes returned to players in the form of winnings) and the best winning frequency: 1 in 2 million chance to win the jackpot of 1 , € 5m and 1 in 2.92 chance of winning. The public levies on the bets of this game will be donated to the Heritage Foundation or € 1.52 for each ticket.

This game adopts a new format of type A5 (15.24 cm x 20.32 cm). 12 million tickets will be offered to French people for 4 to 6 months at the 30,800 FDJ points of sale, online and in certain symbolic places open to the public during the European Heritage Days.

Among the 18 emblematic sites of the Mission in Danger * (list attached for the record), 13 are represented on the tickets (5 per ticket, including 1 site common to all: The House of Aimé Césaire in Martinique). The "MISSION PATRIMOINE" scratch tickets reflect the diversity of French heritage in terms of typology (bridge, church, castle, ...), and geographical location (all French regions and overseas). On the top of these tickets is put forward one of the following famous sites for the French: the Castle of Chambord, the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel and the Castle with its ramparts of the City of Carcassonne.

  • SUPER LOTO draw "Mission Patrimoine" on Friday, September 14th

On the eve of the European Heritage Days *, FDJ will propose a SUPER LOTO on Friday, September 14, 2018. Remember that LOTO draws usually take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. It will be a SUPER LOTO identical to the SUPER LOTO of the V13. A dedicated SUPER LOTO newsletter bearing the name "Mission Patrimoine" will offer an exceptional Jackpot of € 13 million. In addition, 50 "Mission Heritage" SUPER LOTO codes will be drawn and will allow 50 winners to win € 20,000 each. Opening of the outlets on Monday, September 3rd, 2018.

FDJ will deploy a new valuation device closer to the French

  • 30,800 outlets at the service of the "Heritage in Danger" mission: As of September 3rd, all FDJ points of sale will be in the colors of the heritage and the "MISSION HERITAGE" games offer through cash desks. and POS.
  • A mobilization during the European Heritage Days: Sale of scratch tickets in certain queues of monuments during the European Heritage Days (Saturday 15 and Sunday, September 16, 2018).
    • The 3 monuments highlighted on the mission heritage scratch tickets: Château de Chambord, Mont-Saint-Michel, Castle and ramparts of the city of Carcassonne.
    • Large Parisian sites very visited (Elysée Palace, Ministry of Culture, ...)
  • A public campaign to support the mission "Heritage in Peril": Individual portraits of French, who explain to us for what personal reasons they decided to play the games of the Heritage. Broadcast from 3 to 14 September in TV, radio and on digital.
  • Television Short Programs: Each episode is dedicated to a building affected by a rehabilitation. Stéphane Bern speaks in voice over the presentation of the monument of the day. Then a speaker is interviewed and talks about the project. The program ends with the benefits of the renovation and the call for mobilization. FDJ, as a Patron of the Heritage Foundation, will be present in the program entry and exit banners. These short programs will be broadcast on France 2 from September 3rd to December 13th from Monday to Thursday around 8:45 pm.

APPENDIX: the 3 Mission Heritage scratch tickets

  • Monuments represented on ticket 1:
    • Notorious monument:
      • Castle Chambord (Center-Val de Loire)
    • Iconic Monuments of the Mission:
      • Fort Stork in Fouesnant (Brittany)
      • Castle of Carneville (Normandy)
      • Aqueduct du Gier in Chaponost and Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)
      • Polignac Hotel in Condom (Occitanie)
      • House of Aimé Césaire in Fort-de-France (Martinique)
  • Monuments represented on ticket 2:
    • Notorious monument:
      • Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel (Normandy)
    • Iconic Monuments of the Mission:
      • Church of Our Lady in La Celle-Guénand (Center-Val de Loire)
      • Hotel-Dieu of Château-Thierry (Hauts-de-France)
      • Pont d'Ondres in Thorame-Haute (Provence-Alps-Cote d'Azur)
      • Pierre Loti's house in Rochefort (Charente-Maritime)
      • House of Aimé Césaire in Fort-de-France (Martinique)
  • Monuments represented on ticket 3:
    • Notorious monument:
      • Castle and ramparts of the City of Carcassonne (Occitanie)
    • Iconic Monuments of the Mission:
      • Villa Viardot in Bougival (Ile-de-France)
      • Théâtre des Bleus from Bar to Bar-le-Duc (Great East)
      • Castle of Bussy-Rabutin (Bourgogne-Franche-Comté)
      • Rotunda railway from Montabon to Montval-sur-Loir (Pays de la Loire)
      • House of Aimé Césaire in Fort-de-France (Martinique)