Michigan Lottery: 4 new instant games coming this week

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Four new Michigan Lottery instant games will be available Tuesday, according to the Michigan Lottery.

That's good news for lottery players because it means all the prizes for each game are still available since no one has had a chance to win them yet.

It doesn't increase your odds of winning, but it does give you a shot at all the largest prizes.

Even if you're not playing one of the new games on Tuesday, you can check always the Michigan Lottery website to see how many prizes of each level are still available on any instant game.

And if you are playing Tuesday, here's a look at the new games and what you could win:

$50,000 Triple Diamonds: $2 ticket, $50,000 top prizes, more than $7 million in total prizes available.

Loaded: $5 ticket, $500,000 top prizes, 12,000 $500 prizes available, more than $30 million in total prizes available.

Casino Millions: $10 ticket, $1 million top prizes, prizes start at $20, more than $48 million in total prizes available.

Classic Black: $20 ticket, $2 million top prizes, nearly $100 million in total prizes available.