Germany: LOTTO Lower Saxony satisfied with 2016

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LOTTO Lower Saxony satisfied with 2016

341.5 million euro profits for the players

287.9 ​​million euros for the common good

Digitization remains the most important trend


Hanover. In 2016, Lower Saxony spent € 707.1 million on gaming fees for state lotteries and sports betting.

341.5 million euros for players, 287.9 ​​million euros for the common good

LOTTO Niedersachsen distributed a total of 341.5 million euros to the players in the 52 event weeks of 2016 (previous year 53).

A big winner is also the common good. LOTTO has donated a total of 287.9 ​​million euros to Lotterie- und Sportwettensteuern, gambling fees and special income to the state of Lower Saxony and to the Destinatäre.

If the year 2016 is less than the year before, the highest values ​​of LOTTO Niedersachsen since the entry into force of the gaming contract in 2008 are the highest values ​​for games and taxes.

16 new millionaires, 111 profits in the six-digit range

Lower Saxony still prefer the LOTTO 6, 49, introduced in Lower Saxony in 1956. Well, every second euro was spent in 2016, a total of 362.2 million euros. In the case of the traditional product, an Internet player generated the highest profit of the year in Lower Saxony in mid-February 2016, at EUR 9,649,159.90.

A total of 16 players participated in LOTTO Niedersachsen in the past year, seven in LOTTO 6 out49, four in the supplementary lottery game 77, two in the BINGO environmental lottery, two in the Lotterie Glücksspirale and one in the European lottery Eurojackpot.

A total of 111 large winnings of at least € 100,000 were paid to players in Lower Saxony. There were 112 new millionaires at LOTTO last year.

The premium supplier in Lower Saxony

Axel Holthaus, spokesman for the management of LOTTO Niedersachsen, was satisfied with the overall performance: "In 2016, too, the people of Lower Saxony have given us their confidence. We have the right to remain the premium supplier on the gambling market in Lower Saxony. In 2017, we will also pay full attention to our customers - both in the digital world and in the sales outlets across the country. "

Digitization is progressing

LOTTO Niedersachsen is therefore continuing to expand its modernization and digitization activities. Many projects have been successfully implemented: a more modern design and an even more user-friendliness on the website, the relaunch of the app of LOTTO Niedersachsen and the expansion of the Facebook appearance, as well as a younger target group of state lottery topics And to inform them about the company's activities.

Other ongoing projects will be implemented in 2017, such as the introduction of a ten euro ruble in the terrestrial space and the provision of games on the Internet

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