The new Veikkaus, which begun its operations at the beginning of 2017, has made a good start Veikkaus has over two million loyal customers

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Interim report T2/2017: Veikkaus has over two million loyal customers

 The new Veikkaus, which begun its operations at the beginning of 2017, has made a good start. Merging the operations has required a great deal of the company’s resources, but we have still managed to develop our financial result according to plan. The number of Veikkaus’ registered loyal customers went up to over two million during the period under review. 

  • Turnover EUR 2 107.1 million (-0.5%*).
  • Result EUR 665.7 million (-3.3%).
  • The turnover of Slot Machine and Instant Games, as well as that of Skill Games showed positive development. In Lucky Games, the turnover decreased as a result of a smaller number of jackpots available.  
  • We have already over two million loyal customers. Over 40% of our customers play identified.

– The period under review got a great climax, as we passed the milestone of two million registered loyal customers. That represents about one two thirds of the adult Finns engaging in gaming, says Veikkaus’ President and CEO Olli Sarekoski.

 At the end of the period, Veikkaus had a total of 2 012 million registered loyal customers in its customer base. The share of identified gaming reached 40.3% during the period (+2.8 percentage points).

 – Increasing identified gaming is one of Veikkaus’ most important strategic goals. It enables us to offer our customers even better, service-oriented customer experiences, together with all the tools necessary for responsible gaming, says Sarekoski.

 Great start of the year for Slot Machine and Instant Games, and Skill Games 

Veikkaus games fall into three business operation groups, the largest of which is that of Slot Machine and Instant Games. The Slot Machine and Instant Games** posted a turnover of EUR 801.6 million (+4.2%) in the period between January and August. The biggest product launch during the period under review was that of Kulta-Jaska 2 game both as a slot machine game and in the web service The launch was the most successful of all times in the game’s specific product group.

 The turnover of Lucky Games** was EUR 764.0 million (-8.2%) in the period between January and August. The fall can be explained by the jackpot levels in Eurojackpot and Vikinglotto that were lower than in the previous year, as well as by a smaller number of draws in Lotto, Eurojackpot, and the Jokeri games. Vikinglotto went through one of the greatest revisions in the game’s history in May, which has received positive responses from the players. 

Skill Games** attained a turnover of EUR 541.5 million (+ 5.2%) between January and August. Fixed odds games have posted solid growth during the year (+16.0%). In addition, the turnover of Football Pools showed extremely favourable development during the summertime third (+11.1%). The turnover of the toto games went down by 0.5%. The increase in the number of customers that followed the launch of the new web store has stabilized, and there are currently ca. 40% more customers than before the launch.   

 Webstore has over half a million players a week 

The players have welcomed the renewed webstore that was opened in April, with the service already attracting over 550 000 players every week. After the extensive reform, we have focused on improving the user interfaces, services, and games. During the next phase of the reform, we will combine the two different game accounts, the Game Account and the Casino Account. At the same time, we will make the tools for gaming control uniform. The gaming control tools are a service where the players can follow and control their gaming. 

 Result attainable

 Merging the operations of the three old gaming operators will affect the company’s result due to non-recurring integration expenses. However, Veikkaus believes that the projected profit for 2017, recorded in the State Budget, EUR 1 014.3 million, is attainable. The proceeds will be distributed to beneficiaries in their entirety. Art, sports, science, and youth work will receive 53% of the funds; organizations operating within social affairs and health will receive 43%; and equestrian sports and horse breeding will receive 4%.

*Total: Fintoto, Finland’s Slot Machine Association, and Veikkaus, whose gaming operations were merged on 1 January 2017.

** Slot Machine and Instant Games include slot machines and digital slot machines, scratchcards and digital eInstants, as well as digital eBingo games and draw games of high event frequency. Lucky Games include the weekly drawn games Lotto, Eurojackpot, and Vikinglotto, as well as their add-on games Jokeri and Lomatonni. They also include the daily drawn games Keno and Kaikki tai ei mitään. Skill Games include fixed odds betting games: Fixed Odds Betting and Live Betting; the parimutuel betting games Multibet, Result Odds Betting, and Winner Odds Betting, Football Pools, the Toto games, and Table games.

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 Veikkaus is a Finnish gaming company with a special mission. We want people to play our games safely and with moderation.

Almost all adult Finns play our games; we have two million loyal customers.

Thanks to the players, over one billion euros a year are accumulated for the common good. The gaming revenue is used to offer people chances for better lives.



rekoski, contacts through Communication Unit’s media service, tel. +358 9 4370 7000