Edvard Kolar is the new ceo at Slovenia's Sportna Loterija

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  As reported today web portal siol.net, the Secretary General of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia Edvard Kolar became the new CEO of Sports Lottery. At the meeting of the Supervisory Board Kolar reportedly Siol get the voices of three of its six members, including the decisive support of the first supervisor Ljuba Jasniča, who has dual voice.

The position of Chairman of the Board Sport Lottery, among other things, brings a high salary and the implications for the funding of sport organizations are competing four individuals. The main contenders were Edvard Kolar, a longtime sports worker and General Secretary of the Slovenian Olympic Committee (OKS) and Jernej Smisl, the director of corporate affairs group Pivovarna Lasko Union.

Besides them they were in the game until the former director of the government's Directorate of Sport Marko Rajšter and President of the Ice Hockey Federation of Slovenia and the former first man of Zavarovalnica Triglav Matjaž Rakovec. Kolar should have always supported the Chairman of the Board Sport lottery Ljubo Jasnič and longtime chief OKS Janez Kocijančič.

This had Kolar, who also confirmed the appointment of STA , provided two of the six votes Supervisors Sports lotteries, representing the interests of shareholders. These are five: OKS Ski Association, the NHS, the Post of Slovenia and Slovenian Lottery. Besides them, the Supervisory Board of national representatives.

"I am committed to this product portfolio Sports Lottery turned into digital gaming, as this reduces the cost of operating and organizing games. And of course, if adopted a new law on gambling, in the form as it is currently proposed, will primarily with international integration, which could gain a larger market, attempted to foreign offer our products, on the other hand to us brought already manufactured products, other organizers, a concession to perform these activities in his country, Slovenia in space, "said Kolar.


Players in Slovenia more and more money paid through the more popular foreign online betting by the state is not able to limit, therefore, it should be one of the main points of the program of candidates for the management of sports lottery stem the outflow of money from Slovenia to more competitive foreign bookmakers.


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