New Hampshire Lottery Sales Smash Records: $518M In FY2021

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More than $142 million was sent to fund schools in NH from lottery receipts for fiscal year 2021 — the highest amount since 1964.

CONCORD, NH — New Hampshire's state lottery has delivered more money to education in the past fiscal year than it ever has in its history after shattering sales records.

Lottery sales reached $518 million last year due to increased spending by sports betting and players to major jackpot games leading the New Hampshire Lottery to break records and becoming one of the fastest-growing lotteries in the nation.

According to the lottery, Mega Millions sales were up around 54 percent while Powerball increased nearly 30 percent when compared to last year. KENO 603 increased 65 percent when compared to the previous year.

During fiscal year 2021, more than $520 million was spent on sports wagers alone by 56,000 users registered with the lottery and DraftKings. More than $15 million was spent during March Madness basketball games alone with another $7.1 million waged in New Hampshire on the Super Bowl game.

"We are proud to be one of the fastest-growing lotteries in the country because we know our sales growth translates into more revenue for education in New Hampshire, which is what it is all about for us," Charlie McIntyre, the executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery, said. "With an expanded menu of games, new offerings like KENO 603, sports betting through our collaboration with DraftKings, NH iLottery, and a consistent focus on engaging our current audience and tapping into new markets, we feel confident we have positioned the New Hampshire Lottery for continued success and growth as we look toward the future."

About $142.1 million in revenue has been delivered to schools — a 34 percent increase from the previous high. Officials said more than $2.3 billion of the $8 billion in lottery sales during the past 57 years has gone to education.