Germany’s state lottery association the Deutscher Lotto und Totoblock (DLTB) announced good annual results for 2020

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German lottery companies with good annual results 2020  

  • 145 million prizes and 1,094 prizes over 100,000 euros
  • LOTTO 6aus49 remains the most popular lottery in Germany
  • Every day over 8.6 million euros for the common good

The games offered by the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) were also very popular in 2020. The stakes increased by 8.8 percent to over 7.9 billion euros during this period. In addition, 145 million profits were made. In taxes and duties, more than 3.1 billion euros were transferred to the state budgets.

Winner map: million prizes in 2020 by federal state


Jürgen Häfner, managing director of Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz, the company currently in charge of the DLTB, is satisfied with the past year: "The 16 German state lottery companies proved to be crisis-proof and reliable during the 2020 corona pandemic. This good annual result shows that our gaming offerings are after as before are popular with game participants - although numerous acceptance points had to close temporarily in the pandemic, "says the managing director:" Many customers compensated for these closings, for example, by submitting multi-week tickets and using our online offers. "

145 times amounts of one million euros and more have been won. "That was an average of almost three prizes worth millions every week," states Jürgen Häfner. A total of 1094 prizes of 100,000 euros and more were achieved.

Pleasing development at LOTTO 6aus49 LOTTO 6aus49 in

particular once again made a positive impression last year. Thanks to the classic, the DLTB companies again reached the largest number of game participants in 2020. With a stake of around 3.98 billion euros, the already good result of the previous year was again exceeded by more than 12 percent. LOTTO 6aus49 thus still holds more than 50 percent of the total stake and is still the most popular lottery in Germany.

"With the LOTTO 6aus49, the careful product change that has been in effect since September 23, 2020 has had a positive effect. An improvement in the winning plan and a moderate adjustment of the stakes have not only led to higher stakes, but also to a faster increase in the jackpot in prize class 1 into double digits Millions heights ", Jürgen Häfner looks back. The product change has strengthened all prize categories. Especially the classic six without a super number is now much more often worth millions.

Eurojackpot achieves a significant increase in stakes

The European lottery Eurojackpot also contributed to the positive annual result 2020. The lottery offered in 17 European countries recorded an increase in stakes of 18 percent to more than 1.47 billion euros in Germany last year. After a weaker year in 2019, the stakes here rose again in the past year. "These are completely normal wavy lines in the development of stakes," explains Managing Director Jürgen Häfner: "If the jackpot of 90 million euros remains standing for several weeks, the stake increases significantly. We noticed that again this year."

With this, Eurojackpot also defended its second place in the ranking of the players within the German Lotto and Totoblocks. The European lottery generated over 18 percent of all stakes placed in the DLTB in 2020.

State lottery

monopoly as future model The agreement of the heads of government on a new state gambling treaty, which is to apply from July 1, 2021, is expressly welcomed by the DLTB: "We see the new regulation as a further confirmation and strengthening of the public interest-oriented lottery monopoly in Germany and we expect that regulation is suppressing the illegal market in the online area, "emphasizes Jürgen Häfner.

In addition, he announced that the companies of the German Lotto and Totoblock will continue to ensure a moderate offer for those interested in gaming. In this way it is also guaranteed that a significant proportion of the stakes can be made available to the state budgets in the form of taxes and fees.

Last year alone, this was more than 3.1 billion euros - every day over 8.6 million euros: "This is money that benefits the common good in our country and without the many projects in the areas of welfare, sport and culture as well as in the preservation of monuments and in environmental protection would not be possible in all federal states ", states Jürgen Häfner.

Collection points remain the most important pillar of sales

The state lottery companies continue to fulfill an important structural policy task. "We have a dense network of around 21,500 LOTTO acceptance points throughout Germany. This network is and will continue to be the mainstay of our offer," says Jürgen Häfner: "This is especially important because we are there, among other things Contribute to the support of rural areas and comply with the statutory sewerage mandate. "

Significant increase in online stakes

The digital offer for state lotteries also enjoyed increasing popularity in the past year., the service and information portal of the 16 state lottery companies, recorded an increase in website visits relating to the offer of game preparation as well as the drawing results and odds.

In particular, the regional websites and apps of the state lottery companies, where you can conveniently and securely submit your tips for most game offers online, enjoyed an increasing number of users and game orders. In 2020, almost 913 million euros were used in this way. This is an increase of over 40 percent compared to the previous year. This also increased the internet share of total use nationwide to over 11.5 percent.

145 million prizes in Germany

The biggest winners in the past year were once again the large number of participants. 1,094 game orders generated a profit of 100,000 euros and higher in 2020. 145 of these winnings achieved an individual quota of at least 1 million euros.

Most of the profits over a million euros fell in the most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (31), closely followed by Baden-Württemberg with 29. Bavaria (17) ranks third, followed by Hesse (13) and Lower Saxony (11).

Two Eurojackpot players from North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria were delighted with the biggest win of last year, winning 90 million euros each in February and May. A woman from Baden-Württemberg secured the highest win in LOTTO 6aus49 in October with just under 42.6 million euros. A tipster from Saxony-Anhalt completed the ranking of the top winnings in May with 6.37 million euros in game 77.

The LOTTO numbers of the year In

2020, the list of the most frequently drawn numbers at LOTTO 6aus49 was the 11, which was drawn 25 times . The other places are followed by the 2 and the 1 as well as the 22 and the 8. Last year, the 26 was drawn most seldom.

Remarkable: The 13 - the number that was determined as the first winning number in the first drawing in 1955 and was the bottom of the numbers drawn for decades - passed the "Red Lantern" on to 45 in 2020.