Pennsylvania Lottery expansion generates $155 million in sales for the first six months

Drew Svitko, the Pennsylvania Lottery executive director, talked about the launch of the new products as it released its latest financial report. “These encouraging results show that our ongoing modernization efforts are succeeding. With the Lottery facing increased competition from sports wagering, mini-casinos and other new forms of gambling, we must continue to work hard to grow revenues to benefit older Pennsylvanians.”

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Pennsylvania State Lottery revenue faces losing numbers

Director of the Pennsylvania State Lottery Drew Svitko said "younger folks, right over 18, who are very mobile, and very interactive in their entertainment desires. If we can be relevant to that audience, I think it represents, well we know it represents a tremendous growth opportunity." "I-lottery, that's another $19 million dollar generator to maintain a solvent lottery fund next year," Office of the Budget Secretary Randy Albright said.

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