Kentucky Lottery announced sales continue to perform ahead of expectations in the final weeks of Fiscal Year 2019

"Scratch-offs continue to be the area where we believe significant growth will occur," said Kentucky Lottery President and CEO Tom Delacenserie. "We'll continue our focus on new product launches including a second $30 Scratch-off, increasing marketing and media support, and maximizing operational and field efficiencies through best practices. We'll also continue our work to expand awareness on the positive effects Lottery proceeds have on education in the Commonwealth, as this is a great story to tell and one in which we take immense pride."

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Kentucky Lottery Sales Grow as Fiscal Year Nears End

"Both this year and next, those increased Scratch-off sales are making a big impact," said Kentucky Lottery President and CEO Tom Delacenserie. "We listened to players and made changes in prize structures to which they're responding. We also changed our media approach and have new plan execution in place at retail, all of which combine to really drive this product." Delacenserie also said Keno is in a growth pattern, surpassing Powerball sales in the state. "People have really embraced Keno wholeheartedly," he said.

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Loto Quebec Posts Strong Fiscal Q1 2018-19

“Loto-Québec was able to attain positive results during this first quarter thanks to the efforts of all of its sectors. I’d like to thank all our teams for their excellent work,” said Lynne Roiter, Loto-Québec’s President and CEO.

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