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In defense of the venerable institution of advertising and data-mining

Check out the article below my blog The Future of TV Is Connected for a refreshing perspective on the positive contribution that smart advertising and responsible data-mining will have on our daily lives

Sometimes I wonder if consumers in general fully appreciate the role that advertising plays in our lives.  If we did, maybe we would wake up every morning to say a prayer of thanks for the advertising that interrupts us on an hourly if not a momentary basis.  Or maybe we feel that the primary mission of advertising is to get us to buy things that we did not need or even want.   Or maybe we read about Facebook’s abuse of confidential information and now think that the purpose of data-mining is to give agents of foreign nations the information they need to manipulate our vote and the outcome of elections; or maybe give marketers information that I do not want them to have.  To be sure, these are applications of advertising and data-mining that do not serve us well, and we do want to inhibit or prohibit the proliferation of these abuses.  But instead of thinking about the counter-productive applications of advertising and data-mining, let’s focus on the positive.  How unfortunate it would have been for society if new technology and innovations were judged harmful and progress impeded as a result.  Thankfully, we did not over-react to the fact that airplanes and cars can crash.  Instead, we install prudent and proportional measures to minimize the collateral negatives. 

Europe is about to implement a far-reaching rule of law called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and I am concerned that a visceral fear of big-brotherism may cause an unfortunate backlash against the smart application of data-mining and advertising.  I just wonder if the perception is that there is no value to advertising, and no value to the consumer for advertisers to have information that enables marketers to enhance the relevance of the messaging.  And if that is the perception, then what is to stop legislators from imposing a level of “protection” that cripples progress in the space of advertising and data-mining?

What if advertising and data-mining were to acquire the positive image that they deserve as being the tools that purge from our view extraneous information about stuff we do not want?  And consumers came to appreciate that smart advertising and responsible data-mining is the pathway to providing information about goods and services that we genuinely want?  I hope that our zeal to protect confidential information does not cause us to cripple progress towards these goals that will greatly enhance our life.  For more on this positive vision for the future of advertising, check out The Future of TV Is Connected - 195 million U.S. viewers predicted to watch CTV this year as television becomes the next big digital channel.

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