Virginia Lottery updated links for Sports Betting regulations

Virginia: gambling operators oppose some draft sports betting rules

Procedure for submission of questions about the draft sports betting regulations:

As with public comments, all questions about these draft regulations should be submitted using the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall forum. The Department may, from time to time, aggregate similar and/or duplicative questions and, in its discretion, post responses to those questions to this microsite.

The Virginia Lottery has been tasked with regulatory responsibilities for land-based casinos and internet sports betting. This includes regulation, licensing, auditing, and compliance for gaming operators, equipment manufacturers and distributors, suppliers and employees.


Sports Betting Links

    1. Code of Virginia, Chapter 40. Virginia Lottery Law; Sports Betting
    2. FAQs
    3. Point of Contact
    4. Key Dates Updated 9/10/2020
    5. Draft Regulations


11VAC5-60-10 Definitions

11VAC5-60-20 Request for self-exclusion

11VAC5-60-30 Self-exclusion list

11VAC5-60-40 Duties of sports betting permit holder

11VAC5-60-50 Removal from self-exclusion list

11VAC5-60-60 Forfeiture of winnings by self-excluded individual


11VAC5-70-10 Definitions *UPDATED*

11VAC5-70-20 Application Process

11VAC5-70-30 Consent for Investigation

11VAC5-70-40 Waiver of Requirement

11VAC5-70-50 Sports betting permit applications

11VAC5-70-60 Principal applications

11VAC5-70-70 Sports betting supplier applications

11VAC5-70-80 Sports betting vendor registrations

11VAC5-70-90 Sports betting employee applications

11VAC5-70-100 Bonds

11VAC5-70-110 Denial of a permit, license or registration

11VAC5-70-120 Sanctions

11VAC5-70-130 Identification Cards

11VAC5-70-140 Reserve and Insurance Requirements *NEW*

11VAC5-70-150 Liability Pooling *NEW*

11VAC5-70-160 Audit, Financial, Recordkeeping, and Banking Requirements *NEW*

11VAC5-70-170 Permissible Wagers *NEW*

11VAC5-70-180 Requests from Sports Governing Bodies *NEW*

11VAC5-70-190 Use of Official League Data *NEW*

11VAC5-70-200 System Integrity and Security Assessment. *NEW*

11VAC5-70-210 Minors and Prohibited Players *NEW*

11VAC5-70-220 Integrity Monitoring *NEW*

11VAC5-70-230 Investigations; Reporting *NEW*

11VAC5-70-240 Advertising & Marketing *NEW*

11VAC5-70-250 Reporting Requirements *NEW*

11VAC5-70-260 House Rules *NEW*

11VAC5-70-270 Sports Betting Platform Requirements *NEW*

11VAC5-70-280 Geolocation Systems *NEW*

11VAC5-70-290 Player Accounts *NEW*

11VAC5-70-300 Minimum Internal Control Standards *NEW*



11VAC5-80-40 Prohibition on out-of-state betting

11VAC5-80-10 Definitions

11VAC5-80-20 Sports bettors' bill of rights

11VAC5-80-30 Consumer complaints

11VAC5-80-50 Underage betting

11VAC5-80-60 Compliance with tax laws; disclosure

11VAC5-80-70 Excluded individuals

11VAC5-80-80 Corporate responsible gambling policies

11VAC5-80-90 Sports betting platform features

11VAC5-80-100 Security of funds and data

11VAC5-80-110 Limitations on user accounts

11VAC5-80-120 Protections for at-risk or problem bettors

11VAC5-80-130 Prohibition on the extension of credit

11VAC5-80-140 Promotional offers

11VAC5-80-150 Advertising in general

11VAC5-80-160 Restrictions on advertising to minors or at schools or school sporting events

Sports Bettors’ Bill of Rights

  1. Townhall General Notice on Draft Sports Betting Licensing and Consumer Protection Regulations
  2. Townhall General Notice on Draft Sports Betting Operations and Internal Control Regulations *NEW*