LOTTERY EXPO 2017 October 25-27, 2017 Atlanta, Buckhead


Co-Hosted by PGRI  and the Georgia Lottery
October 25 to 27, 2017
  Atlanta, Buckhead

Net Profit Optimization

--  Product Mix management and Draw-Game innovation to maximize margins

--  Resource-Sharing to maximize ROI of advertising budgets

--  Retail Modernization/Digitization to enhance the consumer in-store lottery playing experience and maximize top-line sales 

--  Expand Lottery Retail footprint (New/non-traditional trade-styles, Walmart and other large chains, etc.

--  Engage Retailer support for the omni-channel model.  Mission critical!  

--  Harvesting Big Data that yield genuine real-world business intelligence to drive player engagement and lottery sales

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Co-hosted by PGRI & the Georgia Lottery  

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