OCTOBER 28-30th
New York City 
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  Thank you for attending SMART-TECH 2019!! 

Public Gaming Research Institute (PGRI)  Co-Hosted with Florida Lottery
PGRI SMART-Tech 2019 Program 
And Women’s Initiative in Lottery Leadership   
February 26 to 28, 2019 The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida   Questions:  Call or e-mail Paul Jason at 425-449-3000 or     VISIT to view the latest videos from SMART-TECH 2019 COMING SOON! 

 Thank you for participating in SMART-Tech Fort Lauderdale!  Best attendance ever and we hope you agree it was the best program content ever.  We want to thank all SMART-Tech partners who stretched to produce a fabulous program of presentations and panel discussions.  

We especially want to thank the Florida Lottery for co-hosting and our conference sponsors for enabling it all to happen, and Andreas Koetter, CEO WestLotto and Sue van der Merwe, Managing Director of Tabcorp Lotteries, for travelling from Germany and Australia to be our keynote speakers.  But truly all of the speakers are wonderful A-listers and as you can see (click here for conference program), they addressed the most relevant and pressing issues of the day.  

We like to think of that as our “brand” – identifying and drilling down on the hottest, perhaps even controversial topics that face the government gaming industry. 

PGRI Lottery Expo will be held the third or fourth week in October in Manhattan, NYC.  We will confirm specific dates and venue in a couple weeks.  We hope to see you there.  Thank you all for your support, and please let me know what we can do to improve our products and services and conferences.  We appreciate the guidance!

--  Retail: Disrupt or be disrupted.  The success strategy for Lottery in the transformation of the retail shopping experience

--  U.S. Dept. of Justice revisits its rulings regarding online gaming:
 Implications of the DoJ statements regarding Wire-Act, iLottery, sports-betting, and online gaming

--  What’s Your Why?:  
Integrating your underlying reason-for-being into the brand and messaging.  Why it matters and how to some lotteries are doing it.

--  The fight against Illegal iLottery: Clarifying the nature of the problem and how it threatens to disrupt the U.S. market.   Highlighting the successful efforts to repel illegals and  the need for an international collaboration to enforce respect for jurisdictional regulations

**Special SEMINAR Event –  Women's Initiative in Lottery Leadership (WILL) Seminar  sponsored by



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